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Lets Join Hands for a Noble Cause

Our Vision

All over the world there are many orphans, old age and handicapped people who are deprived of the quality and values of life from the society they are currently living in.


In many situations, they are not even accepted in the society also or treated as an extra burden. Either these people are physically or mentally challenged, or under privileged children or growing up in an orphanage where there is no ample scope to provide a healthy environment to turn the young buds into flowers and bring smile to their faces.


The handicapped or ill-treated old age people should also feel happy and enjoy to be an essential part of the society and should live with a high self-esteem.


Our Objective


For last ten years “SMS” A Group of Artists, as an organization, besides its artistic and creative activities, raised hands to many orphans, old age, handicapped, under privileged or physically and mentally challenged people of our society.

There are many people all across  the world who are eager to help these deprived people, but not finding a proper path to reach them.

We offer our self to act as a bridge through which you can reach directly to these children and other underprivileged people to offer your help and also spend few hours or days along with them. We value your noble wish and we can help you to reach and nourish them.

We act as a driver for the social change by fostering an environment for these people through you where these children and adults learn and thrive for a better tomorrow.


Our Works


To name a few, for the past few years we have taken few initiatives such as :

  • We provided educational stationary twice a year to the orphans on regular basis.

  • We have also provided clothing to various orphanage during festivals.

  • We supported with foods and cloths during different periods of the year and spent time all day long to make them happy.

Please see some of our projects details below:


 Bagbazar in Kolkata on 6th October 2018

Contributions: This year we gave new clothes and art stationary to more than 60 street children of Swami Saradananda Sishu Bikash Kendra before the Durga Puja Festival. We were organizing small occasion on 6th Oct 2018 at 4pm. Mayer Bari, Ramakrishna Math, Training Center. we all enjoyed few moment along with the children with songs, poems, dances, chocolates and wishes, for the festive season and our social works members , contributors and well wisher  presented in this program and celebrate the golden noble feelings with all together.The Event was Organized by “SMS” A GROUP OF ARTISTS.

Contributors: Puja Sarkar, Manisha Sarkar, Kumkum Basak, Subarna Daw, Pavel Banerjee, Priyatosh Jash Rupa Das, Pratima Sarkar, Jaydip Basu, Sumati Dutta, Bappa Bhowmick.

Well Wishers: Nirmal Dutta, Kuntal Banerjee, Jayanta Mondol, Jayjit Basak, Sudip Roy, Probir Kumar dey, Purnima Mandal, Gauri Chaterjee, Sibaji De Sarkar, Sriparna Sen, Monalisha Nath, Reshmi Majumder,

CHILDREN'S HOME, Narendrapur in Kolkata - 18th September of 2017

Contributions: New clothes were distributed among the orphans on the occasion of Durga Puja festival and we all enjoyed few moment along with the ashramites with songs,dances, chocolates and wishes for the festive season . The event was organized in collaboration with NGO 'Bondhu' 

Contributors: Swapna Guha, Puja Sarkar, Pavel Banerjee, Chandan Debnath

Jalandhar Cantt, Punjab (January, 2011) 

Contributions: A whole day event was arranged to provide foods and drinks to all the orphans from breakfast to dinner  and spent precious moments by playing and telling stories to children through out the day.where we provided drawing kits to all the children and enjoyed all day long with colors and drawings. 

Contributors: Puja Sarkar, Manisha Sarkar

GOBINDA KUMAR HERITAGE HOME, Panihati in Kolkata - December of 2008


Contributions: A programme was organized where we provided drawing kits to all the children and enjoyed all day long with colors and drawings. 

Contributors: Puja Sarkar, Manisha Sarkar

Our Philosophy and Mission


Our objective is to offer a dream that can change lives, a dream that can help a child smile, a dream that can show a path to many souls all across the world by offering help to the deprived ones. Together we will smile and enjoy the colors of life.


If You want to be a part of the Noble Mission . Please contact with US


Benefits of the Contributors :

  • Name of the active members of social works will be listed as Contributors on the website and also specific project wise respectively.


  • Members may choose yearly projects for their contributions and active participations.

For New Registration as a Contributor please follow the below link for application form and yearly membership fees.  For bank account details please see below.


Application Form of Social Works 2017-2018

Download Now 






Bank Account Details:


"SMS" A Group of Artists

State Bank of India

Account Number - 35213036390

IFSC Code - SBIN0000180

Contact Us

Contacting Persons:


Puja Sarkar Phone Number : 9038747633

Pavel Banerjee (Media Coordinator) PH: 9007734764


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